My basic MTB Kettlebell workout


This is my basic Kettlebell routine that I do 3-5 times per week, depending on the number of rides I can get in. I've started with this Kettlebell routine 3 months ago as my new year resolution, and so far I'm pleased with the results. The first couple "spring" rides (it's still snowing outside) were much better than I expected. I was able to do 30+km rides with over 1000vm of elevation straight away and I felt really good on the bike.


7 tips to become a better rider


I've started riding 4 years ago, but at the begging I was struggling to make any signifficant progress. While there are many online resources, it can be quite difficult to apply all of those advice to the trail. However, these are the verified essentials that helped me to improve more in couple months, than I have previously managed to improve in years...


Why single chainring is enough for trail and enduro riding

Single chainring drivetrain on Ibis Mojo HD

Exactly 1 year ago I bit the bullet and I have converted my Ibis Mojo HD to a single chain ring drivetrain. After those 12 months I can honestly say that 9 gears (10 respectively) is all I need. I would like to share my experience with you and summarize what it costs you and what can you gain from it.


Biking on the Greenlandic Ice Cap

Ibis Mojo HD with Cane Creek Angleset

Ibis Mojo HD with Cane Creek Angleset Another step to my dream build is a 170mm Marzocchi 55 RC3 Ti fork with Cane Creek -1° Angleset. I've decided to go with ZS44 / ZS49 version (S.H.I.S. ZS/44/28.6 - ZS/49/30) and use the straight 1 1/8" steerer, to reduce the bottom stack height. Read more...

Coil shock on Ibis Mojo HD

When Ibis Mojo HD was released 3 years ago, there was no coil shock option available, as Ibis stated it was designed completely around an air shock. Shortly after, information about it's coil compatibility started coming and many suspension tuners praised its suspension design qualities making it perfect candidate for a coil. Ibis reacted and added Fox RC4 as a shock option because of it's adjustable progressiveness. So, how to describe Ibis Mojo HD with a coil shock? Perfect.


How to replace frame bearings on Ibis Mojo HD

How to replace frame bearing on Ibis Mojo HD

Frame bearings are the part of your bike that is really easy to forget about and neglect the maintenance. Especially when there are no signs of creaking and your bike appears to behave normally. I did the same, forgot about them on my Ibis Mojo HD for about year and a half, until I checked them during another service job. I found that almost all bearings had dirt instead of lube in them, they moved far from easy and two bearings in the lower link were completely seized. It was time to replace them.


Mountain bike lights for enduro

Mountain bike light

I've spent over a month searching for a reliable and powerful mountain bike light to be ridden in fast technical terrain. This is an overview of all lights meeting my requirements for heavy enduro use.


Output: >1500 measured lumens
Battery run: 3+ hours on full output
Headmount, separate light unit and battery


Ibis Mojo HD EVO Project

Ibis Mojo HD

Maxxis High Roller 2,35″ UST failure

Maxxis High Roller 2,35" UST failure

Last year, I bought two Maxxis High Roller 2,35" UST tires for my Mojo HD, running them in the rear teamed up with Maxxis Minion DHF 2,35" in the front. The first one started forming bubbles after couple hundred kilometers. I thought it was one bad piece, so I threw it out and replaced it with the second tire.