Chromag Radar youth pedals

Kid's feet grow fast, so there was time for some new flat pedals.

Chromag Radar youth pedals


Profile: Low 13mm at platform centre, concave design
Material: Alloy
Size: 70mm x 93mm
Pins: 24, Adjustable Height
Weight: 300g/Pair

Overal impressions

These are hands down the nicest youth pedals I've seen. They almost make me regret buying my OneUp pedals instead of their adult version Scarab.

Pin height is adjustable with washers preinstalled (full set included together with replacement pins too), so you can get even more aggresive with pins as the little one gets used to them.

Did I mention they are stunning??

Chromag Radar youth pedals

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Published 13.05.2021 by Peter Pech

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