Ibis Mojo HD EVO V2


This is my 2013 Ibis Mojo HD build. I have modified the geometry little bit compared to my previous Ibis Mojo HD build for 2012 .

Frame: Ibis Mojo HD 19"
Fork: Marzocchi 55 RC3 Ti 170mm
Shock: Rock Shox Vivid Coil
Headset: Cane Creek Angleset -1deg
Cranks: Shimano XTR - 32t single chainring
Chain guide: MRP G2
Bottom bracket: Shimano XTR
Rear derailleur: Shimano ZEE 10spd Short cage
Shifters: Shimano Saint
Cassette: Shimano XT 36t 10-dps
Wheel hubs: Hope PRO II 20mm/12mm
Rims: ZTR Flow
Front tyre: Continental Rubber Queen 2,2" UST
Rear tyre: Continental Rubber Queen 2,2" UST
Spokes: Sapim Race
Brakes: Shimano Saint
Brake rotors: Formula 203mm Front / 180mm rear
Pedals: NsBikes Aerial Pro with 10mm pins
Handlebar: Burgtec RideWider bars, 780mm, 30mm rise
Grips: ODI Rogue
Stem: Sunline V1 50mm
Seatpost: RockShox Reverb
Seat: Fizik Gobi MX

Ibis-Mojo-HD-Evo-1 Ibis-Mojo-HD-Evo-2 Ibis-Mojo-HD-Evo-3 Ibis-Mojo-HD-Evo-4 Ibis-Mojo-HD-Evo-5 Ibis-Mojo-HD-Evo-6 Ibis-Mojo-HD-Evo-7 Ibis-Mojo-HD-Evo-8 Ibis-Mojo-HD-Evo-9 Ibis-Mojo-HD-Evo-10 Ibis-Mojo-HD-Evo-11

Published 05.05.2013 by Peter Pech

  1. Luis

    Hi Pete,

    How do you like the Continental tires? I am thinking about getting the Continental Kings 2.3, but I am not sure if they will fit on the Mojo HD, the space is pretty tight specially on the rear. The Shimano ZEE looks awesome, i bet gives you lots of clearance.
    I want tires I can convert to tubeless, I have been getting lots of flats lately.



  2. Hi Luis,
    I’m very satisfied with Rubber Queens. Good grip, braking, predictable when cornering on both dry and wet surfaces. 2,4″ is monstrous, 2,2″ is enough for AM/trail riding without any clearance issues.
    If you want to go tubeless, buy proper UST tires. Regular tires don’t have strong enough sidewalls and they will burp under heavy cornering.



  3. Luis

    Thanks Pete.
    I think you are right, 2.2 is more than enough for AM and even light DH. Can you mix UST tires with non UST ready wheels? I was thinking about using the Stan´s´tubeless conversion kit. Any suggestions will be more than welcome



  4. 2.2″ Rubber Queens are bigger than both 2.35″ Maxxis High Roller and DHF.

    I’ve tried regular tires with UST ready rims (ZTR Flow) + Stans NoTubes sealant and tape and it worked fine (but burping occasionally). I also run UST tire on non UST rim with a tube and it’s ok.

    I’m not sure about UST tires and regular rims without a tube. Even with the yellow tape applied to a regular rim I would be little bit worried what the tire would do under heavy braking or cornering as the tire bead seat is different on UST and non UST rims. Try to find some comments from people who tried it with the specific rims you have.


  5. Ian

    Hey Pete,
    totally agree- the coil on the rear is the way to go! (I am running a fox rc4 and loving it) and am now thinking about a coil up front as well…how did you find the difference between the air and coil up front on the HD?

    • Hi Ian,
      I had 36 fox float 2011 before and after I switched to coil Marzocchi I was banging my head that I haven’t done it sooner.
      I believe air forks got much better since 2011, but I don’t see myself going back to air anytime soon:)

  6. Ian

    Thanks Pete, the search for a coil begins!
    Come to australia one day and we will take the beasts out 🙂

  7. Check out Marzocchi 55, super plush, 2.4kg and can be found for reasonable price.

    Riding trip to Australia and New Zealand is definitely on my bucket list:)

  8. roger

    Hi Pete, how does the new geometry compare…..i have just bought a hd with 15mm burgtec bars, and am going to get the 30mm ones to lift front end up a bit….good move?

    • admin

      Hi Roger,

      I had 15mm Burgtec bars before and I switched to 30mm. I couldn’t get those 15mm to feel right (even with 2x 5mm spacers under the stem). Now my seat at full height is maybe 2″ above the cockpit, but it feels good. At first it was weird, as the front was suddenly too high and slack (I have -1deg Angleset and 170mm fork, so HA is ±65.5) so I had to adjust my riding style, especially cornering requires putting more weight over the front, but now I’m really happy with it.


  9. Andrew

    Hi Pete

    I have just put a -1.5 degree works components headset on my Mojo HD 160 to combat the oversteering when pushing hard. After install I found there was less front wheel grip.

    Did you overcome this? Do you prefer the slacker HA?

    My HA is now 65.5.


    • admin

      Hi Andrew,

      I had exactly the same problem:) I’ve installed -1deg Angleset + went for a higher fork (170mm instead of 160mm) at the same time, so my HA is about the same as yours.

      The first ride was quite terrifying as I washed out in almost every corner. The remedy was to adjust my body position and put more weight on the front when cornering. This solved the problem completely and I believe it helped my cornering technique at the same time. I’m very happy with the slacker geometry now.

      All best,

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