New year, new website

My last year’s resolution to setup my personal website and start blogging failed. Domain name wasn’t such a great idea after all. There was no connection with my person, no bound that would make it feel like home and despite that many people in Slovakia speak English, it was often misunderstood. Spelling it all the time got old pretty soon… New year came, followed by LAST NOTIFIED email from domain administrator, and I had to face the decision what to do with the domain next. Quick look at Google Analytics made the decision clear and was canceled. Ok, but where am I going to blog now? Domain belongs to my father, who I am named after, is my uncle’s, too. Alternative domains like and similar just don’t cut the mustard. So, I went for My name is Peter Pech, das Pech (ger. – bad luck, misfortune) and it feels just right:) I think that one of many reasons why failed was that I was obsessed with the form and not the content. I spent hours designing the page, programming simple CMS in CakePHP so I could start publishing simple stuff and at the end, I was never satisfied. Writing wasn’t fun, because my simple CMS wasn’t good enough so instead of generating content I wasted time tinkering with the website. This time, I’ve taken the other way around. I installed WordPress, bought theme named “Scope” from Orman Clark (32EUR for 2 weeks of my time seems like a good deal to me) and started to generate content. So, here it is! My first blogpost, which I never wrote for Next post will cover how I modified Orman’s theme to directly link to portfolio categories with BBQ plugin. There, tinkering again… p.
Published 09.01.2012 by Peter Pech

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