New riding video – Chased by mosquitoes


Chromag Radar youth pedals

Kid's feet grow fast, so there was time for some new flat pedals.


Lucifer L headlamp review

I've been checking out the Lucifer L for a while, but I already had a headlamp, ehm, multiple headlamps and there was no need for a new one. Then we did our first night ride with the little one and a need arose. Ideally, the new light should be stronger than my old Gemini Olympia, so I wouldn't cast a big shadow in front of him.


Bell Super DH – a perfect MTB helmet for daring kids

As the little one started to ride faster, we had to upgrade his Little Nutty Kids helmet. I knew, we will ride park together soon, so a chinbar was a must. I was considering buying him a separate trail helmet and a full face helmet or buying a convertible helmet.

Earlz Rider Hellion 20" kids bike

Early Rider Hellion 20″ long-term review

We've had the bike for about 10 weeks and managed to ride almost 300km on various terrain including singletracks and a blue downhill trail.


Mountainbiking with kids – from balance bike to black trails by the age of 5

Hi, I'd like to share my experience with raising a little rider from his balance bike to my riding buddy doing 25km / 3 hour rides with me by the age of 5.


PHP: How to detect bot user agents

This regular expression checks if the request came from a regular browser (or someone presenting with one), or if the request was made by a bot or crawler. I know my websites don't have any credible traffic from China, so I assume all these request are coming from bots.

function isBot() {
    return (
        && preg_match('/bot|crawl|slurp|spider|mediapartners|Mb2345Browser|LieBaoFast|MicroMessenger|zh-CN|zh_CN|Kinza/i', $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'])

William Joseph Surge hip pack review

William Joseph Surge Mag series review

Getting it out of the plastic wrap it came in, I read the attached label that said: "The ZIP-NO system provides the following: ... A fetish for opening and closing your pack ..." 🙂


Fly fishing hip pack shopping guide

I've recently gone through a shopping process for fly fishing hip pack. I don't need a fully waterproof pack, as I mainly fish small streams and seldom wade above waist deep. Also, these waterproof packs are usually simpler (only one main waterproof compartment) and much more expensive. As I live in Europe, availability was an important factor. My local shops don't stock these, so my observation are based on online information and reviews. These are my notes you might find useful if you're about to buy one as well.


Chili Season 2016 Summary

Chili season 2016 summary Another season is almost gone and with it came new improvements for my balcony garden together with new stuff I've learned.