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Chili Season 2016 Summary

Chili season 2016 summary Another season is almost gone and with it came new improvements for my balcony garden together with new stuff I've learned.


How to: Topping chili pepper plants

How to: Topping chili pepper plants New season is a new opportunity to try new chili pepper topping techniques.


Growing chili on a balcony 2016

Balcony chili garden 2016 This year's cold weather with night temperatures getting as low as 5°C in the night has postponed the final repotting almost a month. Plants are getting hardened and will be placed outside the next weeken.


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Chilli growing season 2016


NameSpeciesHeat levelComment
Black scorpion tongueC. Baccatum4/10
Fidalgo RoxaC. Chinense8/10This variety is one of the best looking chile peppers there is. When filled with mature pods, it looks like a plant holding candies. Besides being quite hot, they look just amazing with purple-green color when immature and purple-pink color when mature. Just look at the pictures and see for yourself, a real eye-catcher. The taste is also very good. One of greatest habanero-relatives out there.
CitronC. Chinense8/10Very very compact plant which bears a LOT of kinda sour tasting and quite hot pods. The pods mature from dark green to bright yellow. Quite fast to mature. Makes a perfect powder / flakes for your foods, also very nice citrus-like aroma when used fresh with any foods.
CHP 1065C. Chinense8/10
Orange blobC. Chinense9/10Very nice habanero-relative with wrinkled, unique looking pods. A very tasty flavor and great looks of the plant make it very nice plant to grow all year around. Gives very good yields when enough light is provided.
PuriraC. Annuum8/10This beautiful pepper is among the hottest annuum peppers – definitely strong enough for any purpose. Its taste and flavor are, however, much more pleasant than in most hot annuum peppers. Very early variety with lots of eye candy due to its color-changing beautiful pods. Recommended for every chile pepper grower! Grows very nicely even in small pots.
Paper lanternC. Chinense9/10Very prolific and hot Capsicum chinense variety. the plant is quite unique compared to o white-space: nowrap;ther chinenses. At first the plant looked like it wouldn't bear too many pods, but at the end of the season it was filled with beatiful pods. Quite compact plant produces very nice tasting pods with thin flesh.
Harold St. BartC. Chinense9/10One of the most beloved Habanero –type peppers, Harold is both HOT and very delicious! Very nice for pot growing and, of course, great in any form for cooking and eating! Very heavy producer of pods.
CGN 21500C. Chinense8/10What amazing looks, just incredibly tasty aroma, beats typical habaneros so easily. Very prolific every time! The pods ripen from pale green to pinkish-purple. Just amazing! Ideal for a bonsai chile pepper. Definitely one of all time favorites. This is an great example what chile peppers can be instead of the ever so typical cayenne-types.
Habanero Carribean RedC. Chinense10/10This beautiful pepper offers all the things we love about Habanero. Bright red pods are fiery hot and full of that unique flavor suitable for especially Caribbean –style cooking.Produces incredible amount of pods each season!
7pot brain strainC. Chinense10/10Very large pods which have very interesting look. Some of the pods look like brains. The heat level is very intensive. The color is very bright yellow. The aroma of this variety is very good. Many think this one is better than ordinary 7pod. Produces an amazing amount of huge pods.
Carolina reaperC. Chinense11/10Current world record holder for the hottest chili.
7 pot burgundyC. Chinense8/10Very nice, rare variation of the classic 7pot variety. This one has huge, quite juicy flesh that has a very pleasing 7pot-like aroma with very, very intense heat. Produces amazing amount of large pods every time. Very good as a fresh, powder or smoked and powdered. Some extreme chileheads might even stuff these monsters!

Balcony chili garden

Balcony chili garden As the chili plants were becoming root bound in their pots, on 18th April 2015 I've repotted them and moved them to their final home.


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Topping chili pepper plants for higher yield

Chili plant topping Chili plant topping is a technique used to promote plant branching and preventing top heavy plants, that could break because of heavy fruit yield or wind, ultimately leading to a higher yield. The main stem is cut bellow the firt "Y" forming on it. When the tip of the plant is removed, plant will reroute it's growth hormone auxin lower down the stem, making the plant branch out. Most of the hormone is stored at the tip, so it will take couple of days after topping until the plants recovers and you will see new leaves and branches forming. As I found out, not all varieties respond to topping in the same way. Here I'm gonna discuss my results and mistakes.