Custom knife 100N by Ivo Hrbek – Hamp

Knife Hamp Ivo Hrbek My custom knife from Ivo Hrbek.

Material: Böhler N690 (stainless steel), 60HRc
Blade length: 12cm
Overall length: 24cm
Blade thicknes: 3.7mm
Handle material: Olive wood, 3 torx screws
Sheath: 4mm thick spanish leather

Knife Hamp Ivo Hrbek Knife Hamp Ivo Hrbek Knife Hamp Ivo Hrbek

The knife didn't look exactly like this when it arrived. When I took it apart (the scales are not glued) I accidentaly damaged the original liner (it got wet and deformed after drying), so I made a new double liner. Also the handle profile was too "squarish" for my hand so I made the handle little bit rounder and now it's much more comfortable when using the knife hard.

Published 25.04.2015 by Peter Pech

  1. Scott largura

    I am wanting to order an Ivo Hrbek knife but am not having any luck finding out how to do this any suggestions would be helpful.thank you Scott Largura

  2. Scott Largura

    Hi, I have seen the knife that you purchased from Ivo Hrbek and was wondering how you got it . I keep sending emails but no reply. Do you speak Czech? I would like to get the scout knife.please let me know if you have any suggestions. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you Scott Largura

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