Custom knife 100N by Ivo Hrbek – Hamp

Knife Hamp Ivo Hrbek My custom knife from Ivo Hrbek.

Material: Böhler N690 (stainless steel), 60HRc
Blade length: 12cm
Overall length: 24cm
Blade thicknes: 3.7mm
Handle material: Olive wood, 3 torx screws
Sheath: 4mm thick spanish leather

Knife Hamp Ivo Hrbek Knife Hamp Ivo Hrbek Knife Hamp Ivo Hrbek

The knife didn't look exactly like this when it arrived. When I took it apart (the scales are not glued) I accidentaly damaged the original liner (it got wet and deformed after drying), so I made a new double liner. Also the handle profile was too "squarish" for my hand so I made the handle little bit rounder and now it's much more comfortable when using the knife hard.

Published 25.04.2015 by Peter Pech

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